What to expect?

Small things good is not just about things, it is more about people and their small businesses. It is about stories of small ideas trying to make not big but small difference in people’s lives and some also for the society.

It is about dreams becoming reality. In times where a lot is said about following your passion, I am here to bring to you some real and inspiring stories. Living your passion and making a living off your passion requires Grit, Resilience and Vision. Throughout the two years of Covid (in-fact even before that) I have been following, meeting, purchasing stuff from such gritty, resilient people with vision and have craved to talk and write about them.

I have thought a lot about pursuing my passion, quitting job and trying my own stuff, snuggled through the chaos of ideas and thoughts my messy mind had. But then realised, the people and businesses I have been following, have so much of inspiration. The craving to write about them could be my starting point to settle the chaos in my mind and learn, while also sharing it with more people like me out there.

So here I am starting this blog with lot of hope to bring out stories of small power houses, from whom we can not just learn but also support them in making their small dreams and vision (synonymous to business from my perspective) bigger than they ever thought of.

Do drop by to read such stories and more. Every small business/people I will talk about here, I promise you, will not be much of the commercial world business. Most of them would be true passion – some quirky, some classy, some healthy, some mood pleasing, some just about starting, some that is encouraging, some you may know about and a lot or rather most of them of them are by women (not intentional, its just the new reality :)).

Topics will range from home decor, art, dance, food to jewellery, pet training, hoola looping… everything. Be ready to be awwwwwed!

And if you are wondering, that oh one more person one more blog trying to make money off affiliate marketing… :) I wish your thoughts become reality some day. But for now there is no business involved. For that I have other plans (like I said I have a chaotic mind, so have lots of ideas to work on). This for now is genuinely to put my thoughts into action and a lot lot more to channelize, calm and give some direction to my never ending thoughts and perspectives. This in many ways is my way to my mental well-being, meditation and journaling (though I am journaling other peoples story). :)

Sorry for keeping this long….BUT.. mostly my blogs will be long as I am talking about people, their journey, their dreams, so I don’t want to rush through. You may find me providing links to their Instagram business page and website as well, but like I said it is just for you to use at your discretion and not for me to make money. If there is any such commercial involvement it will be stated at the end of the blog. And finally…..

About me…aakhir main hun kaun?

Name on my birth certificate, Shrinidhi Shetty, name most people know me by Nidhi Shetty or awesomenidhi and I have a nocturnally active kid named Cappuccino. So my posts will always be singned off as ‘cappuccinoalwaysbymyside‘.

Other than that, I am just another girl next door (but in the phase of life where some kids have started calling me aunty :)), who during weekdays is slogging through her 9-6 job (9-6 in parallel universe, in reality 9am to 12 Midnight), providing research and consulting services. That’s the corporate me, while the real me is a log of wood lying around, wanting to sleep all day (I envy my cat) and yet wants to do lot of things in life like traveling to space, buying telescope, learning piano, pottery, woodworking, free style dance form.. its a never ending list.

It doesn’t mean I don’t do anything. I am an amature artist, home decor enthusiast and avid reader. Love Romantic, horror, marvel and DC movies. Don’t invite me for veg breakfast lunches and dinners. Friday is my favourite YAY day of the week; you will definitely find me and my pictures with Beer, Wine and Gin (mostly even on Saturdays and Sundays).

In fact, as an amateur artist and design lover (will soon share link to my work..and that’s where I make money :)), I end up exploring a lot of artists; small, quirky and niche yet classy businesses; unique boutique places to stay during travel and art and architectural places to visit. Especially my love for art, home decor and design, has made me, I won’t say an expert, but considerably skilled enough to take up small home decor advisory, art work commissioning and free lance design and data visualisation projects for small business and close friends.

Always trying to seek purpose in life and hope to find some through this blog.

Lastly a request, if you are on this blog page, I would request you to share your honest feedback on the quality and usefulness of the content.

Mostly this is going to be the topic of my first blog. Let me know your views.

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