Asian Winter Root Vegetable Bowl- $4.93 recipe/$1.23 serving


Today I thought I’d post one of my favorite original recipes. I enjoy the challenge of creating frugal, delicious, and healthful recipes. I think it looks quite pretty in the bowl too. I love taking the extra care to make food look beautiful. This recipe also includes one of my favorite things, my homemade beet noodles which I make with one of my most used kitchen tools, my hand crank spiralizer.

Just look at these ruby red beauties!


And now for the recipe! As you can see I’ve broken it down by cost for you- just to show how some creativity can make a little money go a long way. One of my favorite things about frugal cooking is how it really forces you to be creative and try new things. I hope you all enjoy the simple pleasure of cooking as much as I do!

Ingredients – Makes 4 Servings – $4.93 recipe/$1.23 serving

1 parsnip ($0.75)

1 carrot ($0.37)

2 tbsp. fresh ginger root, grated ($0.64)

1 yam ($0.78)

1/2 head garlic ($0.36)

2 beets ($1.62)

4 tbsp. vegetable oil ($0.20)

3 tbsp. soy sauce ($0.15)

1 tsp. 5 spice powder ($0.03)

1 tsp. sriracha, or other Asian hot sauce ($0.03)

1/3 cup water (free!)

Step By Step

1. Peel your carrots and parsnips and slice into delicate matchstick slices. Also peel and finely dice your yam. Set vegetables aside.

2. Mince your garlic and grate your ginger. Set aside.

3. Peel and spiralize your beets. Set aside.

4. Saute ginger and garlic with 2 tbsp. vegetable oil on low heat for 5 minutes.

5. Add in soy sauce and water- now throw in the parsnips, carrots, and sweet potatoes. Cover pot and cook over medium heat for 10 minutes. 

6. After 10 minutes of cooking, add Chinese 5 spice and sriracha to the pot, mix well and cook for about 5 more minutes. When done, set aside.

7. Now, in a separate pan, saute your raw beet noodles with 2 tbsp. vegetable oil over high heat for 5 minutes. Set aside.

Now you can build your delicious bowl and enjoy!

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