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My Little Bathroom


My bathroom is 6 feet by 5 feet, which doesn’t seem small to me- but according to a few sources I checked, the average size of a master bathroom is 15 feet by 17 feet (or 255 square feet, over half of the square footage of my entire apartment). While our bathroom does not actually attach to our bedroom, it is the only bathroom in our apartment- effectively making it our “master bathroom”. I checked around online and a non-master bathroom is typically an average of 40-50 square feet in size. In other words, your average standard American bathroom is still a good 10-20 square feet larger than mine.

I have a full bathtub, which I take many long luxurious baths in, two mirrors, and more personal care products than anyone absolutely needs. I have scented oils and candles, as well as just in case cold medicine and extra tubes of toothpaste. In short, I have a fully equipped bathroom in a convenient (and fast to clean) 30 square feet. This begs the question, what is America filling its gigantic bathrooms with?

I believe that bathrooms (as well as all the rooms of the current standard American home) are growing larger and larger simply to accommodate the ever expanding number of consumer goods that we are told we desperately need. From the exploding market of beauty and personal care products, to the numerous electronic groomers that so many consumers are purchasing- we are bursting at the seams.

Minimalism isn’t about living a stark life of deprivation- it’s about determining what you actually need (rather than what you are told you need). I like to fill my limited bathroom storage space with multipurpose products that I use very regularly. I’ll detail some of my favorites later in another post, but for those of you looking to get a head start on clearing out the clutter- here are some easy steps to follow:

1. Pretend you are packing a suitcase for a weeklong vacation. Be realistic- what would you pack from your arsenal of bathroom goods? Set all the items you would pack in one spot.

2. Now pretend you are going to a fancy gala or a wedding (or other very formal event). What items would you need to prepare for that? Take those items as well, and set them with the others that you would pack for a trip.

3. Go back in your bathroom, and look at everything that’s left. Aside from perhaps some first aid kits, toilet paper, and cold medicine (or other medically necessary things), you probably don’t need anything that’s left. I would recommend taking everything that’s left, and boxing it all up. Store those boxes somewhere in your house for 3 months. If you can go without all these items for three months, you definitely do not need them. Donate them if you can, if not throw them away.

I use the three month rule often for de-cluttering. The best indicator of not needing something is when you open that box at the end of three months and you see things you didn’t even remember you had.

What are your bathroom de-cluttering tips?

11 thoughts on “My Little Bathroom

  1. Cute bathroom. Mine isn;t much bigger for a family of 4. In the shower area we have 4 shower caddy lined up for each of us. If your bath products don;t fit, you have to much. My girls have each their own shelf built on the wall to hold toothbrushes, toothpaste etc. It saves us alot of room, and makes them responcible for their stuff. We use cloth toilet paper which eliminates alot of space to store toilet paper. Better for the environment also.

    1. Thanks! It’s definitely more challenging with more people using the same bathroom. The most people I’ve ever shared a bathroom with was when I had 7 roommates and only one bathroom- that got gross pretty fast. It’s easy with two and it sounds like you’ve organized an great system for four as well! Do you use just spare fabric squares for cloth toilet paper, or is it it’s own product?

      1. I find good cotton flat bedsheets in a strip pattern for easier cutting reasons. Usually at the goodwill. I just finished my second batch of 80 or more. I triple ply them, stitch with a zigzag and good to go.Now I have about 150 or more. They sit in a nice basket on the toilet tank cover and then I clean about every 3 days so I never run out. Don;t ever need to buy toilet paper other than when guests are over.All the sheets and thread probably cost about 18 dollars.

  2. I love my little bath as well. I’ve never quite understood this fascination with big/huge places. It just takes more work. I love my little house. Even though my current 800 square feet house is huge compared to my last house 😉 buying a new place I did want some extra space, but I see no reason for anything bigger than this….

    1. I know what you mean, I don’t understand the appeal of large homes at all! I find them cavernous and very not homey feeling. Plus my fella and I like that we’re always in talking distance of each other- no separate wings for us!

  3. I think that is why so many families are so disconnected with each other. Each person in their own room with their own T.V. Houses are way to big,spend more time trying to clean it than doing activities with each other.I love it when I see smaller homes, and families talking and spending time with each other.

  4. This is a wonderful post! I agree with all of you! Gigantic places and gigantic spaces are too overwhelming for me. I live in a small, basement apartment I like to call my Underground Dwelling 😀 Its layout is studio-like. I carved out a cozy cove for my full sized bed by hanging several twin sheets from the hung ceiling. I don’t need much more in life. I’m very happy with the few things I own in my small apartment. I’m an eco-freak hehe, and try my best to preserve my little part of the planet.
    Recently I stayed at a friends house for a week while she was on vacation. She needed my help to care for her pets. HER HOUSE IS ENORMOUS!!! I got lost just being inside it! 😀
    I’m happy living LARGE in my Small space ❤

  5. I like your ideas about how to declutter. I am amazed by how many toiletries we accumulate! And then it’s so hard to actually find what you are looking for. I need to work on finishing off all the old bits of shampoo, soap, etc.

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