My Little Apartment

My Little Living Room


My living room is 7 feet by 10 feet, but it feels so open and airy. I can seat about 6 people without bringing in extra folding chairs, and the footstool you see in this picture doubles as our coffee table when we put a nice tray on it. Putting a standard coffee table in this room would have made it much more boxed in and cluttered feeling. It took me quite a while to find a couch that would fit, I had to find one sized for small space, so it’s actually only 75 inches long instead of the more standard 85-90 inches. Can you believe that our rental apartment just happened to have these lovely original floors?


The opposite wall to the couch is quite small, and has two additional chairs. This one above was $40 at a used furniture store, I absolutely adore the fabric. The folding chair below was free! I also got the white sheer curtains for free, and my Mom gave me the footstool you see in the first photo (score!).


I got the table from target and our television ($250) hangs above it on the wall (our Wii is on the bottom half of the table- we use it to watch Netflix as well as play games- we don’t have cable). I actually have three of that same folding chair, a friend of mine was going to just throw them away so I nabbed them for extra seating space, the others currently live in one of our closets. Oliver enjoys napping on them, but he’s getting so big that his back feet often hang off the seat!

This is definitely the most grown up apartment I’ve ever had, I just bought the couch last month- it’s such a luxury, before we had some odd chairs and it actually felt much more cluttered than it does now. Every time I come home I can’t believe how lucky I am to live here! I especially wanted to post photos of my apartment because I think most people think of minimalism and frugality as being deprived living. As you can see we still live a very luxurious and colorful life!

How have you helped maximize the space in your living areas?

7 thoughts on “My Little Living Room

    1. Thank you! My fella actually spotted it in the store and when he pulled it out from behind a bunch of other chairs I think I audibly gasped. It’s the kind of (cramped and packed floor to rafter) store that you have to stop by all the time to find the good stuff, but when you do it pays off.

  1. I love your little place! Your furniture finds are just right! Great fun color everywhere 😀
    our way of living doesn’t feel deprived at all. I prefer small. I’ve lived in larger places growing up but they never made me feel safe and warm. Too much to clean. Too much to take care of. Too many knickknacks! Too many floors to vacuum and too many floors to wash. Too much dust! And not just one toilet but three to wash including tubs and showers. So I say No Thank You to that kind of lifestyle anymore. I absolutely love coming home to my small studio basement apartment. It is my underground dwelling! 😀
    I have boxed in a section for my bed using twin sheets that hang from the ceiling. I call this my bed cubby. The dimensions are roughly about 6′ x 8′. I don’t have a lot of belongings at all. I will be photographing my little place shortly and create a post on my blog 🙂

    1. I can’t wait to check out your photos when you post them! This is actually the most space I’ve ever had, when we first moved in it was so empty because we had no furniture! I DEFINITELY feel you on the knickknacks.One of my chores growing up was dusting everything, and I think that was all it took for me to be completely anti knickknack. Last weekend the fella and I decided to do a full clean of our apartment. I think in total it took about an hour and half, and that was for dusting, organizing, mopping floors, cleaning the bathroom, washing windows, baseboards, laundry, in short-everything! I can’t imagine the upkeep that even an average sized home would require. Happy small living!

      1. Wow that is so cool that it only took you that short of time!! YEY!! 😀 then you have way more time doing things that are fun together! More Yey!! I recently pet sat for friend and her house is immense. It was overwhelming for me. I felt insecure and a little scared :-/
        It’s fun to be small!

  2. You’ve done a great job maximizing your small living room. If you get a couple of wall hung lights, it will also help keep things in proportion. I’m thinking one on the wall at the end of your sofa. The floors are really lovely. I, too, have a small living area, so I use two love seats rather than one long sofa.

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