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Frugal Challenge: No Spending March!


I don’t care for food diets, but a good spending diet can really help you achieve your goals: financial and mental/emotional. I like to do no spending months a few times a year as needed. It’s a great way to boost your savings, and it’s also a good way to force the consumerism out of your life for a short period of time. I think of it as a vacation from spending, you’re giving yourself permission to temporarily retire from the rat race of buying stuff!

The only exception to my spending vacation this month will be in trips to the produce market as needed (but with a well stocked pantry even these trips will be limited). I’ll have no need to even enter a grocery store, in fact, during my little spending fasts I like to make a point of not even entering places of business. Not being surrounded by consumerism makes it much easier to abstain- and you’ll be shocked at the amount of free time you suddenly have when you aren’t filling it with mindless consumption (especially if spending diets are a new concept for you).
It’ll also open up your eyes to just how often you find yourself walking in a store and picking up things you really don’t need.

So feel free to join me on this non-spending spree! Throughout the month I’m going to post lots of ideas on how to have a grand old time sans cash, and I hope you all share your frugal fun ideas in the comments as well (I’m sure you all have some great ones)!

4 thoughts on “Frugal Challenge: No Spending March!

  1. Hi Small Things Good, I just gave you a “Liebster Award”. I’ve checked out your blog and I think your really great! Go to my blog at and it will tell you what to do. Congrats!

  2. This is awesome!

    All my friends buy all these new clothes and sneakers and go out to party every weekend, and then wonder why they have no money.

    Money is meant to be spent on the things we enjoy, but there’s a difference between buying things that we want or buying things just to buy something.

    Good luck this month on your spending diet!

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