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Bread Machine Wonders!


This is a frugality/minimalism blog, so you won’t see me promoting very many different consumer goods here. BUT, I have to tell you all that I just acquired a bread machine and it is absolutely incredible! I try to maximize the holidays so I always ask for gift cards to stores that are very multipurpose. Last holiday season I got a card for Macy’s, I’ve been sitting on it just waiting for something to come up. I’ve been reading about bread machines for a while and got curious, then they went on sale and I jumped at the chance to get one (at no cost to me)!

I always thought that bread machines were glorified mixers that made making dough a bit easier. I was dead wrong. This beautiful loaf of bread required about 5 minutes of hands on work for me. I measured out the wet ingredients, then the dry ingredients, then I pushed a couple of buttons and voila! Perfect, warm, delicious bread! You literally don’t have to do anything. I happen to have a physical disability that makes doing things like kneading dough quite painful/difficult- it’s the main reason that I’ve never gotten very into baking. Well, not only do bread machines do all of the kneading for you, they also bake the loaf for you! This is probably old news to you kitchen gadget savvy folks, but for some reason I always thought bread machines just made dough that you would then have to bake- not so! I have mostly made basic loaves so far, but you can also set timers and add in nuts or fruits. You can use the dough setting for muffins or cinnamon rolls, or bagels (you will still have to roll the dough out, thankfully my fella is my designated roller/smasher/lifter) or you can use the pizza dough setting for super quick homemade pizza!

We usually bring sandwiches to work for lunch, and this amazing machine has now made them more delicious and even cheaper! No more bland $4 loafs of supermarket bread for us! Anytime I can insource something I’m happy. I’m happy because it saves money, I’m happy because it gives us more enjoyment (because it tastes better), I’m happy because it makes us more self-reliant, and I’m happy because it’s healthier!

This bread machine is well worth the money for us- what are your favorite tools that have saved you money in the long run? Also, if anyone has great bread machine recipes please do share them!

6 thoughts on “Bread Machine Wonders!

      1. I used to knead my own bread by hand. And let the bread rise, etc.! What an ancient method of breadmaking! UGH!! Bread machines rock! Would love to see more pictures of yours on your new creations!

  1. Congratulations! I LOVE my bread machine. If I had to choose between it and the stove, I’d cook on a campfire. By the way, when/if you need a replacement, you can usually find them at yard sales and thrift stores, often new in the box, for anywhere from $5-20.

  2. I used a hand-me-down bread machine from my wife’s food lab until I realized the Teflon was coming off the loaf pan and replacements weren’t available.

    Currently, my favorite recipe is this one. It’s a fantastic no-knead recipe that requires little hands on time, but it does take longer (5 hour proof, 1 hour rise in loaf pan, 30 minutes to bake) than a bread machine would.

    I make it with 433g bread flour and 433g whole wheat (Gold Medal brand flour works best). I’ve been trolling everyone I know who posts about bread machines with this recipe. We go through 6-8 loaves of bread a week, so 1-at-a-time bread machines aren’t terribly useful 🙂

    If you like spicy bread, I did come up with a cool bread machine recipe while I had mine:

    I called it “Mongolian Fire Bread” because that’s what the chili oil I have is called. It’s a very delayed heat, but would probably work really well with your veggie sandwiches.

    620g whole wheat
    10g salt
    12g yeast
    2tbsp brown sugar
    1 1/3 water
    1/3 cup blackstrap molasses
    2 tbsp Mongolian fire oil.

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