Weekend Cooking Inspiration

Weekend Cooking: The Best Veggie Sandwiches, Tangy Fettuccini, and Omelettes


Sandwiches are the perfect portable lunch. We eat them every day, and this weekend I prepped the ingredients for my favorite veggie sandwiches. I use marinated and baked BBQ portobello silces, tomato slices, shredded carrot, thinly sliced cucumber, fresh lettuce, and avocado spread.


I use mustard on my sandwich and mayonnaise on the fella’s sandwich.


I also made a fresh and tangy fettuccini dinner. I love pasta,  but I know it doesn’t offer much nutritionally so I try to bulk it up with vegetables and herbs. First I slowly cooked down tomatoes, yellow pepper, jalapeno, garlic, and oregano in butter and chili garlic infused olive oil (homemade of course!). Then I added in a bit of nutritional yeast and tossed it with the freshly cooked pasta. It was delicious, and had the added bonus of being tasty at room temperature (which means we’ll probably pack this for a snack throughout the week).


To me, weekends mean real breakfasts. For some reason when I wake up very early I feel a bit nauseated- usually when I’m working I eat one small meal at about 10:30, and another at 3:00 (hence the pasta and the sandwiches). But on the weekend, I’m all about a big traditional breakfast. This weekend I made lovely omelettes with mozzarella, collard greens, and orange peppers. I served these with sweet potato home fries and fresh coffee. Delicious!

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