Classic Roast Beef Sandwich (with homemade roast beef)- $10.15 recipe/$1.69 sandwich


Maybe it’s because I grew up having amazing packed lunches (thanks Mom and Dad!), but I can’t think of a better way to show love than sending a portable piece of home off with the fella each day. Bring a few lunches like this and you’ll be stirring envy in the hearts of your co-workers!

Of course, this is a blog focused on frugal living, so I should also mention how much cheaper it is to bring your lunch from home. In our area, even among low-earners, it’s not uncommon for workers to spend $10 for lunch every day- that’s $200 a month per-person (which is our entire monthly grocery budget for two people)!

Since my fella works in a warehouse/doing deliveries, and is in school full-time, it’s easiest to pack him lunches that don’t require reheating or silverware- which usually means either burritos or sandwiches. Neither one of us is crazy about those plasticky mystery lunch meats that you can buy in the grocery store, and I get bored making the same thing week after week, so naturally I have started exploring other options.

Roast beef is probably one of the easiest and most economical meats that you can make sandwich ready. I only buy meats when they are on sale, so when I saw that bottom round roast was discounted, I knew it was roast beef time! There are plenty of good classic roast beef recipes. I dry rubbed my roast with old bay, onion powder, and garlic powder, then baked it at about 375 degrees for around an hour.


Once your roast is done and cooled a bit, slice thinly and store it topped with sauce in the fridge. Now you have delicious homemade deli meat for lunch all week! To build your sandwich, keep on reading!

Roast Beef Sandwich Components- I assembled enough ingredients to make about 6 sandwiches, adjust according to your needs. 

Bottom Round Roast ($6.45)

Bread ($2.50)

Mayonnaise ($0.25)

Horseradish Mustard ($0.25)

Tomatoes ($0.40)

Fresh Dill ($0.30)


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