New York City

A Walk Through Long Island City


Since we’ve only lived in Queens about a year, we are still exploring. Checking out new areas is a great frugal way to have fun, especially if you bring some of your own food and drink with you. This weekend we checked out Long Island City (LIC). We went to Gantry Plaza State Park which is along the East River and has an awesome view of Manhattan.IMG_2523

IMG_2514There is still an industrial edge to the area, and a mix of both in use and abandoned boats. The area also plays host to the excellent LIC Flea & Food, which lasts all summer and has a mix of art, jewelry, antiques, and food carts.

IMG_2535The area is also home to the world famous Pepsi-Cola sign!

IMG_2525The fella packed some ice coffee for us, so we drank that by the river.


IMG_2511The downtown area is adorable. Lovely old architecture houses charcuteries, cafes, and pubs. We stopped for a quick (and inexpensive) burger and friesIMG_2522Closer to the water, luxury condos dominate the skyline.IMG_2544The most notable thing about Gantry Plaza State Park, is of course the gantries!



I see you Empire State Building!

It was fun taking photos again, I used to shoot a lot in high school and college and I really fell out of the habit- I forgot how much fun it could be! I’m still getting used to this new camera, until the last year or so I only shot film (and processed and printed myself). I no longer have access to a darkroom, and of course film is wildly expensive, so I FINALLY gave in and tried a DSLR. It’s definitely different shooting digital, but for the most part I like it.

I’m all about the decisive moment, so I don’t retouch or photoshop any of my photos- hence the blown out corners! Hopefully I will perfect my shooting with this new camera in time, but I’m fairly happy with the results, and either way it was an awesomely fun day. I’m so happy it’s finally nice outside, New York in the summer time is the best!



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