BBQ Chicken And Bacon Sandwich- $18.12 recipe/ $2.59 sandwich


I’m not messing around with this sandwich, sometimes you have to just go all in. This is basically the carpe diem of sandwiches. Mayo, bacon, AND BBQ chicken- yes, life really can be this beautiful. After I made all the fixings for the week, the fella started circling the kitchen like some sort of sandwich mad crow. That’s always a sign that I’ve come up with a winner.

We are lucky to live in an area with an abundance of incredible family owned bakeries. It’s cheaper for us to buy fresh bakery bread than to get it at the supermarket (or make it). Quality bread definitely makes a difference, and even though this isn’t the healthiest recipe I’ve ever made, it’s still leaps and bounds better than the equivalent from a chain fast food place or sandwich shop. So relax and enjoy it already!

Ingredients- makes about 7 sandwiches

1 loaf bread (your choice) ($2.50)

2 lbs. chicken breast ($6.18)

1/2 package bacon ($3.00)

1 head Iceberg lettuce ($1.99)

3 large tomatoes ($2.64)

1 cup bbq sauce ($1.10)

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar ($0.16)

2 tbsp. onion powder ($0.10)

2 tbsp. chili powder ($0.30)

5 tbsp. mayonnaise ($0.15)

Step by Step

1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

2. Thinly slice your chicken breasts. Place the slices in a large ziplock bag, add in bbq sauce, vinegar, onion powder, and chili powder. Mix throughly so that chicken is fully coated (you could also just do this in a bowl, I made mine early so I let it set in the fridge for about an hour).  


3. Put chicken in oven safe dish, bake uncovered for 30 minutes, take out once halfway through and mix. 

4. While chicken is baking, cook your bacon. I cut my bacon strips in half, so that they fit better on a sandwich. Layer your cooked bacon on paper towels so that the excess grease is absorbed. 

Everything will come together around the same time. Once everything is ready, assemble your sandwich!


I store each ingredient separately in the fridge, then every night I can throw together a sandwich for the next day so it’s nice and fresh (and not soggy). Mayonnaise, tomatoes, bbq chicken, lettuce, and bacon- PERFECTION!


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