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NOTICE: If you live in the New York Area Go Buy corn on the cob immediately!


I don’t know enough about agriculture to explain why this is the case, but for some reason corn has peaked very late this year. All summer long I was craving buttery corn on the cob, but each attempt was met with sub par corn- a little tough and flavorless. Usually the best corn is harvested in August, but as a last ditch attempt I picked some up the other day and am I ever glad that I did!

So far this week I’ve made buttered creole corn on the cob and this lovely vegan corn chowder. I prefer to use coconut milk rather than dairy milk in corn chowder. I thicken it by pureeing half of the original soup separately, adding a couple of spoonfulls of flour, and then combining the pureed portion back into the whole soup pot. I also throw in a couple of red peppers, celery, and two jalapenos for a little kick!


I’m always preaching about buying and cooking seasonally- so I felt it was my duty to share the good news.

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