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Frugal Quick Fix DIY- Hiding the ugly stuff under the table


My apartment is pretty cute, but the key to keeping a small space comfortable is to make sure it doesn’t look cluttered. This under-table clutter has always bugged me. I’m not very good at DIY stuff or crafting, but I’d like to get better. I also tend to not start projects because I get worried the results won’t look perfect and exactly the way that I want. Well, I decided today that I was being a little ridiculous. Instead, I approached fixing this problem with one goal- not to make it look perfect, just to make it look a little better.


So, here it is: a little crooked, a little wrinkled, and there are some gaps. BUT- it does indeed look better than it did before. I burned the sides of each piece of fabric to avoid extra sewing (laaaazzzzzyyyyy). I hemmed the bottom of each piece, which only took about 20 minutes. Then I used a staple gun to attach the fabric to the table- not bad! I think if the fabric was steamed it would look better, but I don’t have a steamer or iron- so there you have it!

IMG_3319                IMG_3322

Definitely a modest improvement!

The fabric was $2 and I had everything else already so it was at the very least a frugal fix. The best part is that now your eye doesn’t go right to the wires and video games when you’re sitting on the couch:



5 thoughts on “Frugal Quick Fix DIY- Hiding the ugly stuff under the table

  1. That looks pretty good! It’s amazing how unfortunate wires and electronics look so I’d say that was $2 well spent.

    I almost want to iron it, but considering that I’m looking at the fabric I used to cover my bookcase door (four years ago) which I still haven’t ironed…never mind, it looks just fine!

  2. Uh that looks much better!

    Do you have your TV mounted on the wall? If so, I really like that you didn’t go with the standard tv bench and went with a nice seating arrangement instead. Our tv stand/tv makes the room really awkward.

    1. Yes! We mounted our TV on the wall- our entire apartment is around 450 square feet, so a big entertainment center would have taken much needed seating space! We’re able to seat 6 in our living room!

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