New York City

A Walk in My Neighborhood


Today spring really arrived in New York City! I celebrated the warm sunny weather by taking a long walk around my neighborhood. One of the best things about living in New York is that there are always streets and areas that you’ve never explored before!


Just a mile or two from my apartment I stumbled upon a small neighborhood with completely different architecture than my own neighborhood. This building reminded me of the legendary flat iron building in Manhattan, but on a much smaller scale.


Every neighborhood in New York has something that makes it different and unique. The area of Queens that I was in today was interesting to me because of the brightly colored fire escapes. For some reason nearly every building had a brightly painted fire escape (rather than the more common black fire escape). Dazzling gemstone colors like bright ruby red, emerald green, and glimmering citrine made each fire escape look like a feature of the building instead of an ugly necessity.


I love this stunningly detailed door. As I snapped this picture on my phone I imagined the gloved hands that once opened this door when the building was new and shiny.


Queens is filled with amazing examples of old-school neon signs like this one. Someday I hope to do an entire series just featuring neon.

Happy Spring!

One thought on “A Walk in My Neighborhood

  1. I loved the comment about the gloved hands! I worked in a building in St. Paul that had a newer portion attached to the old entryway, with marble floors, walls, and all kinds of decorative iron work. Whenever I walked through there I always imagined I could almost see the men in suits and hats, ladies with their long dresses, gloves and parasols.

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