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5 Killer Sandwiches That Make Packing Lunch (& Saving Money) Fun Again!


If you’re looking for something extra special to pack for lunch try one of my awesome frugal sandwiches! They range in price from $1.58 a sandwich to $2.86 a sandwich and they’re way beyond the standard PB&J.


First up is the the Classic Roast Beef Sandwich for just $1.69. I like to put fresh dill on it to add a little extra zest!


Next is one of the fella’s favorites a classic BBQ Chicken and Bacon Sandwich for $2.59. It’s a little pricier than a standard packed lunch I make, but it’s so worth it. It’s still way cheaper than buying something out to eat!


This Veggie Hummus Sandwich is great if you want something a little lighter and chock full of fresh vegetables. At $1.98 a sandwich it’s a no brainer.


This Italian Meatball Sub is the kind of sandwich that will stir envy in the hearts of your co-workers. At $2.86 it’s the most expensive sandwich on my list, but it’s still cheaper (and so much more delicious) than Subway.


Last on the list is one of my all time favorite sandwiches, a Vegetarian Boston Bahn Mi! It has quick pickled daikon, dill aioli, crispy tofu, and tons of veggies. Oh, and it’s only $1.58 a sandwich.

Share your favorite packed lunch ideas in the comments!





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