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Join Me On A Post Holiday Detox Adventure

Like most people we splurge a little during the holidays, both financially and calorically, and I always try to offset that spending/eating by having at least one detox week following every major holiday.

A post holiday detox plan is a great way to lose any extra pounds you’ve gained, consume all of your leftovers, and get your food budget back on track. It’s really simple:

Don’t grocery shop for 7-10 days after the holidays end. 

That’s pretty much it! I haven’t grocery shopped in about 10 days and I’m still easily providing breakfast, lunch, and dinner for me and the fella.


I took some leftover cheese and pumpkin puree and made a terrific pasta casserole. I added in a hand full of dried porcini mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, and tomato sauce from our pantry and frozen peas from our freezer. It made 10 large servings!


I also made a creamy vegetable soup with a combination of fresh potatoes and carrots and frozen peppers and green beans, and canned corn and beans. My kitchen sink soup made 10 large servings and…


I made a simple batch of corn muffins to go with it!


Next I made this awesome creamy potato and sausage casserole and a simple side of spiced green beans.

I still have lots of leftovers in the fridge and plenty of pantry items to make meals for the next four days. Making a no-shopping promise really forces you to get creative and use up older pantry and freezer items! It also helps offset the cost of expensive holiday shopping weeks (oh hay gruyère).




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