My Little Apartment

The Learning Annex: Look Inside My Small NYC Apartment

I’ve posted pictures of our 474 square foot NYC apartment before, but while I’ve covered our kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom I’ve never gotten around to showing our second bedroom, which we’ve coined “The Learning Annex”.

Part of the reason I’ve been so slow to post this part of our apartment is because frankly it’s a really difficult room to photograph. There’s no overhead light and it’s so narrow that it’s really tough to get a good shot. Anyway, ignore the shoddy lighting and focus on the glorious tiger:


While many people in our building have turned their second bedrooms into unlivable storage spaces or guest bedrooms that are almost always vacant we really squeezed as much functionality as we could into this tiny space. If you look closely you’ll see our filing cabinet, printer, all of our books, knick knacks, litter box, cat food and water, shopping cart, light box, telescope, and a huge desk work space.


We do our best to pack things into every corner without it looking cluttered. Check out my grocery cart next to the book shelf. There’s also fantastic cat storage on top of the shelf 🙂IMG_4063.jpg

Small space living is all about avoiding clutter and hiding the ugly but necessary. If you look closely you’ll see a litter box under the desk in this picture!


If you look behind the book shelf here you’ll see some ropes hanging from the wall. Those are our clotheslines! We line dry most of our clothes by stretching those cords from the hooks in the wall over to the door handle. Our hideous wifi is also behind the telescope. I’m still working on a better way to conceal that thing. If anyone has ideas I’d love to hear them.

Oh, and giant stuffed tigers are necessary. Never forget that.

Check out the rest of our apartment and yard!

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