Weekly Grocery Update

Weekly Grocery Update: What I Spent, Bought, & Ate (1.27.2016)

Last week I spent $400 on groceries. That’s kind of a joke because as some of you know I just did a huge bulk shopping trip, so I’m currently in month one of my pantry rotation plan. After a major bulk trip I keep my weekly grocery costs razor thin, shooting for $15 as a maximum budget for at least a month.

This week I didn’t spend anything outside of the bulk trip!

Here’s what we ate:

THURSDAY- Creamy Sausage & Potato Casserole

I went out with a friend on Thursday night but I made this awesome casserole for the fella. It’s filled with layers of creamy scalloped potatoes, green beans, and sausage and topped with breadcrumbs. I love making one pot meals when I know I won’t be home for dinner. It’s easy for the fella because he can just toss the whole thing in the oven to reheat it (we don’t have a microwave), and it’s easy for me because I can make it ahead of time. Make ahead meals like this help us avoid ordering out for convenience sake or relying on expensive pre-made meals.

FRIDAY- Asian Rice Bowl with spicy broccoli, cashews, and mushrooms
SATURDAY (breakfast): Sausage & Potato Casserole topped with over easy eggs

I’m all about breathing new life into leftovers. Minimizing waste is key to stripping down your grocery budget because groceries in the garbage = money in the garbage.

SATURDAY (dinner)- Moroccan Leg of Lamb stuffed with garlic, dukkah, and mushrooms served on polenta with apple coriander chickpeas & toasted almonds

When I found out a blizzard was heading toward New York I knew I wanted to make something extra special so I chose leg of lamb! I spent the day cooking, hanging out with the fella and the kitty, and enjoying our cozy apartment.

SUNDAY- Lamb with Cashew Garam Masala Curry and potatoes, peas, rice, and pita

Leftover lamb means lamb curry in my book! It was delicious, and it made enough to give us plenty of lunches and leftovers for the week.

SUNDAY (night)- Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’m currently obsessed with this easy and quick chocolate chip cookie recipe. I love that it doesn’t require baking powder or baking soda, plus it makes the best chewy chocolate chip cookies ever! If you like Chips Ahoy style cookies you’ll like these.

When you’re trying to cut your grocery budget getting rid of snack foods is an easy first step. If you have a sweet tooth learning to make just a few homemade baked goods can help you stick to your snack food ban. I’m not a great baker by any means, but even I can handle this chocolate chip cookie recipe.

MONDAY- Deep Dish Pepper & Mushroom Pizza with mozzarella

I love making homemade pizza, but it’s hard to get a decent photo because we tear into it so fast! The fella is such a big pizza fan that I’ve declared Monday PIZZA NIGHT in our house. Every Sunday night I prep the dough, which only takes a few minutes. I don’t plan the pizza toppings ahead of time because I always have tomato sauce and some type of cheese. For add-on toppings I just snag whatever I have around, from a hand full of sausage meat to a can of artichokes.

Budgetbytes is one of my all time favorite cheap recipe sources, and the reason I price meals out by serving. It’s also home to the easiest and most delicious no-knead pizza dough. You have to try it! It’s $2.97 a pie and foolproof. I strongly recommend Budgetbytes to anyone who is new to cooking and/or new to pricing out meals. Her recipes are precise, cost-conscious, and presented in an easy to follow step-by-step format. Do yourself a favor and check out her magical enchilada sauce too. You’ll never buy canned again! 

TUESDAY- Lamb Curry Leftovers

I swear this was even better the second time around!

WEDNESDAY- Clam & Corn Chowder

The fella’s two favorite soups are Clam Chowder and Corn Chowder. To make clams affordable on our modest budget I created this hybrid. I use boiled potatoes, 2 cans of clams, 2 cans of evaporated milk, 2 cans of corn, flour, butter, and spices. First I cook the potatoes, and then in a separate pot I make a roux by melting butter and whisking it with flour. Then I add canned corn and canned milk to the roux. After a few minutes it gets nice and thick and I pour the corn/roux mixture over the potatoes. Finally I season the whole thing with garlic powder, salt, smoked paprika, basil, and oregano, add in the clams (juice and all), and serve!

That’s my roundup for the last week! I’m hoping to keep next week’s budget under $15 so stay tuned!





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