Weekly Grocery Update

Weekly Grocery Update…or not. A frugal guide to non-cooking.


Every time I try to maintain a regular posting schedule I seem to fall off the blog wagon! We’ve actually been sticking to our weekly grocery budget, but its been a rough few days/weeks for me what with the insane shifts in weather and barometric pressure, so posting and photographing haven’t been a realistic possibility.

However, living a frugal lifestyle isn’t about perfection! Sometimes life is about muddling through and doing what you can do, and sometimes all you can do is the bare minimum. I would not advise this plan for your all the time diet/frugal lifestyle but when you are truly unable to plan and execute regular meals this will help you avoid shelling out a ton of money on overpriced and over-caloried restaurant garbage.

Here’s a good sample of what I guess I’ll call my Down And Out Weekly Grocery List. I’ll usually text or email a list like this to the fella when I’m down and he picks it all up and delivers it…no tip or anything! He’s seriously the best. Here’s what I usually request:

  1. Lots of fresh seasonal fruit- no cooking required! I like lots and lots of fruit. LOTS.
  2. Several packs of ramen (at .49 a serving or less they’re just about the cheapest convenience food around)
  3. Carrots & hummus – no cooking required when you buy the hummus!
  4. Tortillas
  5. Pre-washed box of spinach
  6. Pre-cut bag of slaw (cabbage, carrots, etc.)
  7. Sun Dried Tomatoes
  8. Eggs
  9. Bell Peppers

Here’s the kind of thing we eat when I’m in the no-cooking zone…keep in mind that some of these items are from my pantry, just like during normal shopping weeks, so you’ll have to adjust and factor in what you have:

  1. Ramen
  2. Carrots & Hummus
  3. Peppers & Hummus
  4. Apples & Peanut Butter
  5. Crackers & Peanut Butter
  6. Hummus Wrap- with spinach, peppers, slaw mix
  7. Fruit, fruit, and more fruit
  8. Breakfast Burritos- with eggs, cheese, hot sauce, peppers
  9. Salad- spinach, slaw mix, sun dried tomatoes, sliced almonds, quick balsamic dressing (basically no chopping involved)
  10. Scrambled eggs- with cheese and sun dried tomatoes
  11. Crackers & Cheese
  12. Crackers & Hummus
  13. Sausages (the cooked kind b/c all you have to do is heat them). I serve with a side of canned green beans or salad.
  14. Southwest Burrito- with black beans, corn, hot sauce, cheese, peppers (smash canned black beans and heat= instant cheap “refried” bean filling)
  15. Cheater Pizza- tortillas+canned tomato sauce+cheese+5 minutes in the oven= Cheater Pizza

That’s all there is to it! Not much to look at but these meals and snacks get the job done in a pinch. I might not be totally vigilant about my Weekly Shopping Updates from here on out, but I promise I’ll continue to post them at random so you can peek inside my shopping cart and meal planning brain. I also have a killer money saving salsa recipe that I’m posting soon so hopefully that will make up for it!



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