10 Things I Love About Spring!

Stunning views from a hike the fella and I went on in Letchworth State Park!

I used to be one of those people who only liked summer. I hated fall because it meant winer was coming, I hated winter because of the cold, and I hated spring because it was so inconsistent, and often still chilly. While going through my whole “life outlook transformation” several years ago, I realized that by only liking summer, and defining myself as a summer person, I was writing off 3/4 of the year! I didn’t really try to like the other seasons, because they weren’t my season.

Well, I’m happy to say that person is gone, and with that I’d like to bring you 10 things I now love about spring:

  1. The Smell! Spring is the sweetest smelling season to me. The smell of rain, freshly cut grass, and earth is intoxicating.
  2. The Flowers! Practically every time I go for a walk I come across another tree that has exploded with blossoms. Tulips are my favorite because they signal
    One of the bridges in Astoria Park

    spring to me, and if you smell them with your eyes closed they smell like rain.

  3. The Longer Days! Spring brings more daylight with it, which to me means more time that can be spent outside enjoying the world.
  4. The Fashion Possibilities! Spring is great because it’s not so hot that you’re sweating like a pig, but it’s not so cold you have to bundle up. Spring means cute jackets, boots, dresses, and more!
  5. The Streets Come Alive! Once spring hits it’s like every sidewalk restaurant, cafe, and backyard instantly pops back into existence.
  6. Awesome Sales on Winter Gear! Spring is a great time of year to buy winter boots, thermal under layers, and other winter gear. I’m already stocking up for our upcoming winter Iceland trip!
  7. More Fresh Produce! I shop pretty seasonally because it’s cheaper and you end up with better product. Spring marks the exciting arrival of asparagus, beets, kale, salad greens, cabbage, parsnips, scapes, and many other fabulous foods.
  8. Open Windows! During the cold months of the year our apartment can get pretty stuffy, but once spring arrives we throw open our windows and enjoy airing everything out, Oliver loves it too.
  9. Grilling! I don’t wait for summer to fire up the grill. For me, spring is the beginning of grill season. If it’s not nailed down, I will marinate it and throw it on the grill.
  10. Spring Forces You to Live in the Moment. Spring is a fickle beast. Yesterday I was wearing a filmy little dress, sitting in the yard at Bier & Cheese, enjoying a drink. I planned on grilling today, but the weather has turned cool, grey, and rainy, so my plans have changed! Spring inspires me to live in the moment, go with the flow, and be flexible.
Oliver, smelling the first signs of spring. Cats can teach us a lot about living in the moment, enjoying life, and not taking things too seriously.

Here’s to making the most of every season!


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