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My 15 Minute Marinara: Healthier, Tastier, And Way Cheaper Than Store Bought

There are lots of ways to waste money in the grocery store, but I’ve always thought that jarred pasta sauces were one of the biggest ripoffs of all time. Of course most things are cheaper if you make them yourself but pasta sauce is a no-brainer because it only takes about 15 minutes start to… Continue reading My 15 Minute Marinara: Healthier, Tastier, And Way Cheaper Than Store Bought

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Beet and Feta Salad- $4.09 recipe/$0.82 serving

Summer weather is here, and that means salads galore! I live in a beautiful little pre-war apartment. That means I get to have gorgeous parquet wood floors, tons of character, and a charming neighborhood. It also means that I have no air conditioning. I haven’t lived in a place with central air in about ten… Continue reading Beet and Feta Salad- $4.09 recipe/$0.82 serving

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Versatile Pasta Salad- $2.47 recipe/ $0.31 serving

This is a quick, easy, delicious side dish. I don’t include the cost of dressing because there are virtually infinite possibilities. I use a simple homemade dressing of mustard, balsamic, olive oil, and a touch of brown sugar. A creamy ranch type dressing would make this perfect for cookouts or potlucks- or you could change… Continue reading Versatile Pasta Salad- $2.47 recipe/ $0.31 serving

Side Dishes

Sweet Potato Fried Rice- $1.87 recipe/ $0.46 serving)

I love fried rice, sometimes it just hits the spot. To turn this awesome veggie side dish into an entree just top with a couple of shrimp, some sliced avocado, or curried greens. If you don’t have a wok, just saute the ingredients in the largest pan that you have. Take care to add the… Continue reading Sweet Potato Fried Rice- $1.87 recipe/ $0.46 serving)

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Vindaloo Spaghetti Squash-$5.14 recipe/ $0.52 serving

This is a delicious and nutrient packed side dish, it requires very little hands on time and makes ten servings- so you can use it throughout the week with various entrees. Ingredients- $5.14 recipe/ $0.52 serving- Makes about 9 servings 1 large spaghetti squash ($4.63) 1 tbsp. olive oil ($0.16) 2 tbsp. butter ($0.30) 1/2 tsp.… Continue reading Vindaloo Spaghetti Squash-$5.14 recipe/ $0.52 serving